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Australian Dialogues

Place-based interventions in three time zones

for United Nations, World Environment Day

5 June, 2024

The Australian Dialogues formed in 2022 to nurture a conversation between Australian creatives working in the ecological space. While seeking to create hopeful actions to address the issues impacting the environments where they live and work, they also remain connected to the broader ecoartspace community. Members of the Australian Dialogue represent the breadth and depth of interdisciplinary creative practice across all states and territories of Australia. Their practices include field-based and academic research, public art, community arts and cultural development, site-specific and site-responsive art, across the visual arts, sound art, moving image, performance, and other art forms.

This group has been discussing actions and collaborations on the theme of ‘care versus management?’, and we are now planning a series of events and activities leading to a group exhibition in Western Australia in 2025 and other events in greater Australia from December 2025 to January 2026. The first of these events will be on World Environment Day, 5 June 2024.

Taking its model from the worldwide 2015 ArtCop21, where “designers, artists, architects, scientists, and international thinkers come together to respond to COP21 and imagine together fresh narratives and perspectives to reinvent new worlds”, Australian ecoartspace members will create mini-public expressions for World Environment Day. All forms of ecological art shall be publicly accessible. For example, considering the power of listening before speaking, members will be creating online and offline active listening opportunities. 

Details of where and when these events will be held will be updated on this page over the coming months.

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P A R T I C I P A T I N G  A R T I S T S

Aleshia Lonsdale (Wiradjuri)

Annette Nykiel

Cassandra Tytler

Clarice Yuen

Debbie Symons

Gloria Florez

Heidi Kenyon

Jane Richens

Kim V. Goldsmith

Lee Harrop

Linda Knight

Nien Schwarz

Pattie Beerens

Perdita Phillips

Renata Buziak

Susan Hauri-Downing 

Zoë Sadokierski

event listings for june 5 (click on map above for more info)

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiLunchtime Listening Lab with Kim V. Goldsmith, Noon until 1:30 pm AEST, Dubbo


Take 5 minutes of your lunch break to listen to the heartbeat of a tree and the energy in the earth beneath your feet on the front lawn of the Western Plains Cultural Centre in Dubbo NSW. Connect with life that’s more than human. Come with an open mind, leave with a full heart.

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiScents of Solastalgia with Linda Knight & Tarsh Bates, 9 until 11am (UTC+3), Tartu, Estonia

@lk_inefficient_urban_maps @tarshbates

This action is a collaboration between Knight and Bates involving the public distillation of fragrant hydrosols from site-specific plants in Tartu, Estonia and a scent marking performance. Performed simultaneously with a similar action in Perth, Australia, this is part of an ongoing collaborative exploration of smell, place-making and solastalgia. Using steam distillation, odorants are extracted from plant material significant to the locations. Members of the public use the hydrosol to mark and map the plant smells onto a human body ‘protected’ by a hazmat suit. A fragrant and ephemeral memorial is performed.

Audiences can arrive at any time, the mapping onto the human body will begin at 10.30am

yellow_earth Discord & Slack Emoji Sketching Soundscapes with Zoe Sadokierski at 12:30 until 1:30 pm AEST, University of Technology, Sydney 


Participants are invited to follow simple instructions to engage in a guided listening experience, followed by a soundscape sketching exercise. Sketches produced will be collated as a flag-fold book. The activity will encourage people to slow down, listen and reflect on ways to engage with the natural world even in a busy urban environment.

Headphones/earbuds and a smartphone/computer to access the guided listening experience. Paper and drawing utensils will be provided for the sketching activity. The exercise will take as little as 15 minutes and as long as participants want to spend. 

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiScents of Solastalgia with Nien Schwarz and Susan Hauri-Downing at 2 until 4pm (UTC+8), Perth


This collaboration between Schwarz and Hauri-Downing involves the public distillation of fragrant hydrosols from trees in a quarantine zone in Perth, Australia. Performed simultaneously with a similar action in Tartu, Estonia, this is part of an ongoing collaborative exploration of smell, place-making and solastalgia. Using steam distillation, odorants are extracted from plant material significant to a current biosecurity situation impacting Perth’s urban landscape. An exotic beetle, the Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer, is reproducing in specific host trees. When an infestation is detected in a tree, the tree is eradicated. The artists create a fragrant memorial.

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiDungog Listening Station with Jane Richens at Noon until 2pm AEST, Dungog, New South Wales

Take some time to tune into sounds of nature. Join us during lunchtime at an outdoor listening station in the middle of Dungog outside the CWA hall, between 12 noon and 2pm. Listen to local environmental soundscapes or ones from across the country.

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiMundaring listen/heed with Perdita Phillips at Noon until 1pm AWST, Hovea Falls, John Forest National Park


Join Phillips for a listening walk at Hovea Falls. Focusing on listening to the forest, we will explore sounds of water (visible and invisible) and below-the-ground (listening in to rocks, soil and microbiological processes). It will only last one hour. This event is associated with a residency at the Mundaring Arts Centre in the lead-up to the Melange exhibition opening in July.

Please arrive at the carpark at 11:45 for a 12:00 start. Bring: camera/smartphone, enclosed shoes, insect repellent, water bottle, clothes to suit the weather: raincoat or hat and sunburn cream

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiAll the Wild Things with Debbie Symons online at 10 until 10:30 am AEST


Join Symons on Instagram for a recording from Kabi Kabi Country, once home to numerous native species. Let's sit silently deep within the coastal woodland and watch for species we may encounter. 

yellow_earth Discord & Slack Emojinon-human listenings with Annette Nykiel at 8:00 until 8:30 am AWST, anywhere


Nykiel will spend half an hour listening with those who are around her. There’s no internet/phone connectivity but perhaps people will imagine with us at this time or use this time to listen with non-human others in their space. This will be an experiential event and not recorded though the artist will post images/reflections after the event.

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiMelbourne Meet-Up with Leaf-Curling Spider Neighbours with Pattie Beerens, 10-11am AEST 


Join a fun meet up at the Royal Botanical Gardens (Domain Road Gate), Melbourne with indigenous leaf-curling spiders! Chat about these resident recyclers, their urban survival skills, and how they continue to dwell with us in the city. Inspired by thinkers Ingold, Braidotti, and Bennett, we will explore dwelling with nature on this walk.

Please arrive at the Domain Road Gate at 9.45am and after the walk we can visit a local coffee shop.

And, in the afternoon....

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiAnglesea Meet-Up with Leaf-Curling Spider Neighbours with Pattie Beerens, 2.30 -3.30pm AEST

Join a fun meet-up in the studio of artist Pattie Beerens to celebrate World Environment Day. Meet up with local creatives - with indigenous leaf-curling spiders that Pattie has befriended and collaborated with in her praxis of creating relations with the more-than-human. Chat about these resident architects and share stories and observations over a warming hot chocolate.

yellow_earth Discord & Slack Emoji A Listening Ritual with Clarice Yuen, 10am AWST


This event explores the ritual of listening, moving beyond human language to embrace the subtle interactions within our everyday surroundings. For instance, garden peas communicate with their environment through nonverbal networks. Beyond our languages, we also engage in communication through smell, touch, and other sensory experience. I will remain still in my garden, recording its soundscapes. These recordings will later be available for any earthlings to use at their leisure for reading, drawing, or meditation.

yellow_earth Discord & Slack Emoji Observance II with Heidi Kenyon, 11am ACST (30 minutes) Watiparinga Reserve, Eden Hills SA


I will explore an attentive state of consciousness in my local nature reserve. I visit this place almost everyday, however I am usually walking with my dog or my kids, connected to a podcast or thinking of what is next on my to-do list. My intention is simply to pause and observe what comes up as I linger in the shared space of being with more-than-human others. I will be offline during this time, however, I will post reflections after the event.

This is a personal ritual. I invite others to do the same in their own local environments.

yellow_earth Discord & Slack Emoji A Global Message from Forest Ambassadors’ Manual of Kindness Collective, with Gloria Florez


I am excited to share our collective messages from our Forest Ambassadors Environmental Project. These messages come from school children and communities in Australia, California, and Taiwan. United in our mission, we emphasize the vital importance of protecting and preserving our world's forests, not only for our benefit today but for the future generations.

Together, we can create a world where our forests are safe, healthy, and flourishing. Let's act now for a better tomorrow. Happy International Environmental Day!

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiForest Symphony - Listen to the Land with Fiona Sinclair, 4pm AWST,  Northcliffe WA


Join the this guided walk at the Understory Art & Nature Trail. Enjoy some quiet reflection on the voice of our forests.

yellow_earth Discord & Slack Emoji A Journey Forward from Behind with Cassandra Tytler, 10am AWST, Lake Gnangara, Whadjuk Boodjar, WA


This is a singular action without a live human audience. I will document the process of returning the clay to its original place.

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiWalking with Fire, with Aleshia Lonsdale, 11am AEST, Wiradjuri Country


In an act of care this event will reintroduce traditional Aboriginal land management practices to Country through a cool burn. This practice has not been carried out this country for the better part of 200 years. Through walking with fire this event will revitalise and manage the land whilst maintaining cultural practices and connection to Country of local Wiradjuri people. This event will be run in collaboration with Wiradjuri custodians and a recording of the experience will be available at a later date.

yellow_earth Discord & Slack EmojiNature Art Activities with Renata Buziak, 2pm AEST, Teralba Park, Girl Guides Hut, Everton Park, Queensland


Are you passionate about nature and art? Join us for an exciting afternoon of creative fun and celebrations of the natural environment!

Enjoy fun and engaging free art activities for all ages. Listen to the nature tunes on a tabla and learn about this instrument. Connect with your community and celebrate our environment. Bring your friends, family, and neighbours and be a part of #GenerationRestoration. Let our creativity blossom together. Including Rhythms of the Earth by Master Tabla Percussionist Dheeraj Shrestha

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