Dialoghi del Suolo pop-up exhibition

Il Conventino fuori le Mura, Firenze, Italia

21 - 23 Maggio, 2024

Since 2021, several ecoartspace members have been meeting monthly for the Soil Dialogues to discuss ways in which artists can visualize and learn from an artistic practice engaging soils. It was decided in 2022 to experiment with burying textiles for up to 60 days, then exhume the remains to see how the underground microbial activity interacts with the fibers. In 2023, a call for abstracts for an upcoming soils conference in Italy arose and a group of inspired artists decided to participate by proposing panels, talks, and offering documentation of their experiments. A pop-up exhibition was then planned to include soil textile works, including members from Australia, Portugal, Italy, England, Germany, Canada and the United States.

The venue Il Conventino fuori le Mura is a former monastery turned hospital, which later became a crafts workshop space and atelier. The exhibition will be located in the Spazio Laboratorio de Ceramica and will present the work of thirty members, including by:

Alexandra Toland*
Allie Horick
Andrea Bersaglieri*
Anne Yoncha*
Annette Nykiel
Ashton Phillips
Cassandra Tytler
Christopher Lin
Cindy Stockton Moore
Deanna Pindell*
Erin Wiersma
Grace Grothaus
Helen Elizabeth
Jill Price
Jo Pearl*
Jwan Ibbini*
Kim Norton
Kim V. Goldsmith
Lauren Bon + Metabolic Studio
Maru Garcia*
Pamela Casper
Priscilla Stadler
Renata Buziak
Rhonda Janke*
Ruth Wallen
Samantha Passaniti*
Saskia Jorda
Stephanie Garon
Susana Soares Pinto
Valerie Constantino

*artists who will come to Firenze

Checklist in English

Checklist in Italian


Tuesday, 21 May

20:00  Opening Reception for IUSS Soil Congress Participants

Wednesday, 22 May

11:00  Soil Artist Round Table (Firenze Community Artists)
16:30  Reception for IUSS Soil Art Tour Participants

Thursday, 23 May

11:00  Soil Scientists Dialogue with Soil Artists
15:00  Soil Critters clay sculpting workshop with Jo Pearl
, until 16:30

19:00 Closing Reception

Il Conventino fuori le Mura is managed by Artex for Municipality of Florence through Officina Creativa. 

Via Giano della Bella, 20 - 50124 - Il Conventino Caffè Letterario is also onsite, offers free WiFi

IUSS Soil Congress

May 19 - 21, 2024

For this year's 100th IUSS Soil Congress, ten of our ecoartspace members will be in attendance and present the following talks representing the work of several of our Soil Dialogues participants:

May 21, 2024

Soil and Humanity: Transdisciplinarity in soil sciences

12:00-16:30 at Palazzo dei Congressi, Sala Belvedere

Soil, soul and society: transformative pathways in soil care practices - 12:00 to 1:00

Oltreterra Art Project: Artistic, cultural, environmental and cross-disciplinary project on "Raw Sienna" by Samantha Passaniti

presented by Davide Silvioli

Soil Health from Multiple Perspectives - 15:30 to 16:30

A brief history of the “buried cotton cloth assay” use in science and art and current comparisons of diverse sites using metagenomic indicators

Rhonda Janke

Burial Shroud: a multispecies and ecofeminist perspective on human/microbial relationships in soil fertility and decomposition, as expressed through art

Deanna Pindell

Buried Cloth Technique: Soil Microbial Art as a Teaching Tool for Laboratories

J. IBBINI, Rhonda Janke

Two Painters’ Collaboration with Soil - A Search for Understanding

Andrea Bersaglieri, Pamela Casper

Soil Health from Multiple Perspectives - 17:00 to 18:00

Today’s ecological artists engaging soils as both medium and non-human collaborator

Patricia Watts

Sound of Soils: Two approaches to a multisensory understanding of soil

Anne Yoncha, Kim V. Goldsmith

Animating Soil Health: Breathing Life into Soil, Campaigning through Stopmotion Film

Jo Pearl, Cindy Stockton-Moore

Sky inside the soil – artistic research of the rhizosphere at a superfund site in Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Alexandra Toland, C. EKTANDER

Palazzo dei Congressi, Room 101

Soil sciences entering into transdisciplinary research - 17:00 - 18:00

Under the Concrete: Explorations of Soil Biodiversity through Art and Science in the Los Angeles River

Maru Garcia, Lauren Bon + Metabolic Studio

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