ecoconsciousness fall 2020 online + billboard show

What does it mean to have an ecoconsciousness? The works here offer multiple answers to that question. ecoconsciousness measures our interconnectivity with the natural world. It celebrates our links to the animals with whom we share the planet, to the trees, fruits, vegetables, herbs and insects that make life possible, to the land and waters that bear witness to our best and worst impulses and to the ecological systems that sustain us all. It encompasses our awareness both of the beauty of nature and the devastating horrors created by our efforts to exploit it. It manifests itself in artworks that bring the perilous consequences of our actions to our attention through striking images, immersive installations, evocative performances and rituals and practical proposals. It engages with fields as diverse as science, technology, poetry, politics, history, anthropology, art history and futurism. And it poses questions about our place in the cosmos with wit, sorrow, anger and hope. 

Eleanor Heartney, Juror

Selected artists include: (80)

Anita Arliss, Audrey An, Ulrike Arnold, Frejya Bardell, Resa Blatman, Casey Brown, Barbara Boissevain, Kellie Bornhoft, Hilary Brace, Sukey Bryan, Claudia Bucher, Diane Burko, Pamela Casper, Elisabeth Condon, Gigi Conot, Madelaine Corbin, Xavier Cortada, Shirley Crow, Matthew Crowther, Cameron Davis, Nicole Dextras, Jeanne Dunn, Jesse Etelson, Sarah Fairchild, Doug Fogelson, Fredericka Foster, Andrea Frank, Maru Garcia, Stephanie Garon, Helen Glazer, Jon Goldman, Alexander Heilner, Lyn Horton, Virginia Katz, Robin Lasser, Carrie Lederer, Margaret LeJeune, Ellen Levy, J.J. L'Heureux, Sujin Lim, Pam Longobardi, Linda MacDonald, Nancy Macko, Ana MacArthur, Liz McGowan, Constance Mallinson, Nancy Winship Milliken, Seren Morey, Zea Morvitz, Scott Norris, Diana Cheren Nygren, Lil Olive, Caitlin Parker, Deanna Pindell, Aviva Rahmani, Andrea Reynosa, Jennifer Rife, Shana Robbins, John Sabraw, Cherie Sampson, Diana Scarborough, Gregg Schlanger, Leslie Sobel, Anne-Katrin Spiess, Dawn Stetzel, Amber Stucke, Gina Telcocci, Jane Troup, Barry Underwood, Ruth Wallen, Charlotte Watts, Riva Weinstein, Brad Wilson, Adam Wolpert, Chin Chin Yang, Amy Youngs, Raheleh Zomorodinia.

Billboard artists: Diane Best, Rebecca Clark, and L.C. Armstrong

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