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ecoartspace was conceived in 1997 by Patricia Watts in Los Angeles as a venue where visitors could learn about the principles of ecology through immersive environments created by artists. That year she published one of the first websites with a directory of artists addressing environmental issues. In 1999, Watts partnered with east coast curator Amy Lipton (1956-2020), combining forces working from both coasts while operating under the nonprofit umbrella of SEE, the Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, a 501c3 fiscal sponsor. 2019 marked 20 years that Watts and Lipton curated art and ecology programs, participating on panels and giving lectures internationally. Combined, they curated over 60 art and ecology exhibitions, many outdoors, collaborating with artists to create site-specific works. They worked with hundreds of artists from across the country, and internationally.

Starting in 2020, ecoartspace became an LLC membership organization based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Patricia Watts has curated over thirty art and ecology exhibitions including Performative Ecologies (2020), Contemplating Other (2018), FiberSHED (2015), Shifting Baselines (2013), MAKE:CRAFT (2010), and Hybrid Fields (2006).  She has interviewed over thirty groundbreaking ecological artists for the ecoartspace archive and has written Action Guides of replicable social practice projects including HighWaterLine and S.O.S. Watts has a visionary entrepreneurial approach to curating that supports transdisciplinary and transformative collaborative environments.

email: tricia@ecoartspace.org

phone: 310-704-2395


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Reconnoiter: Interview with Patricia Watts for Artillery magazine by Constance Mallison, Climate issue, Vol. 16, Issue 1 (September/October 2021): 78.

Some Kind of Nature interview with Patricia Watts for Mammut magazine by Matthias Merkel Hess, 2012

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