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Plastic Dialogues

  • Wednesday, October 05, 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
  • ZOOM - Mountain Time


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PLASTIC Dialogues

Wednesday, October 5

United States: 11am PT, 1pm MT, 2pm CT, 3pm ET

EUROPE: 21:00 GMT  Australia: 7am Thursday in Sydney

This month we will hear from Ingeborg Reichle, editor of the recent book which examines the effects of microplastic particles on marine life titled Plastic Ocean: Art and Science Responses to Marine Pollution. Reichle participated in an international conference in September held by the Korea National Maritime Museum in the context of the 40th anniversary of the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea titled "Insight into the Ocean: Ocean Civilization & Oceancity." She has also been following the current inaugural Beijing Art and Technology Biennale (BATB) titled Synthetic Ecology. And, in November, Reichle will go to the Republic of Cyprus in the Mediterranean to participate in an exhibition and panel discussion on "Money, Ruins, and the Sea."

Ingeborg Reichle, PhD, is a contemporary art historian and cultural theorist and currently a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany, writing about art, science, and sustainability. In 2021 she edited an anthology on Plastic Ocean: Art and Science Responses to Marine Pollution, De Gruyter, Berlin, Boston 2021 to bring numerous international art and science projects together, which are related to environmental crisis and draw attention to the irreversible destruction of our marine ecosystems due to plastic pollution. In recent years she served as Professor in the Department of Media Theory at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and as founding chair of the Department of Cross-disciplinary Strategies (CDS), designing an integrated BA study programme on applied studies in art, science, philosophy, and global challenges. Her current area of research and teaching is the encounter of the arts with cutting-edge technologies such as biotechnology and synthetic biology, taking also into account artistic responses to systemic risks and global challenges such as climate change and ecological collapse in order to develop a critical understanding of the role of twenty-first century arts. Before joining the faculty of the Department of Media Theory as full professor in 2016, she was FONTE professor at Humboldt University Berlin. In 2004 she gained her Ph.D. from the Humboldt University Berlin with the dissertation Kunst aus dem Labor, published in 2005 with Springer publishers, at Humboldt University Berlin where she also gained her habilitation in 2013. She is the author of a number of books including Art in the Age of Technoscience: Genetic Engineering, Robotics, and Artificial Life in Contemporary Art, Springer, Vienna 2009. In addition to her research and teaching she is advising a number of institutions like the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia (NanoARTS) and the sci-art programme NaturArchy at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy (the European Commission’s science and knowledge service). She joined the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe ZKM’s Board of Trustees in March 2022.

This will be our last all member Plastic Dialogue before closing the group.

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