Nothing stands still (5)

Created on: Thursday, July 08, 2021
Heraclitus, the ancient Greek Philosopher, wrote a treatise entitled ‘About Nature’, in which appears an aphorism as ‘the whole flows as a river’ or figuratively, as ‘everything flows, nothing stands still’

Following my Portfolio over the last couple of years, addressing the human condition around the philosophical big question of being, consciousness, and ultimately death, my current work focuses on ‘Water’, as a metaphor for responding philosophically to these thoughts and by secondary research around Climate change and the results thereof.

*Worldwide more than 60 million people have been displaced by Climate
Change, war, persecution or human rights abuses.

* The cyclical drought experienced in our Southern African region brought on
by the recent El Nina climate effect brings to mind, where do people go when
there is no longer fresh water easily available?

* Clean, accessible water is an essential part of life and an important natural
resource to manage, as 1 Billion humans globally have no access to clean
water, effectively 1 in 10 people. The harsh truth being 2.5% is Freshwater
and less than 1% is really accessible.

* Added to this, icecaps are melting. Sea levels have always been influenced
by climatic shifts, changes to coastlines, volcanic eruptions, but more and
more Scientific studies are suggesting that we have never seen anything like
the rate of change as witnessed today.

* Changing precipitation and melting snow and ice are altering hydrological
systems, glaciers are shrinking worldwide and the result is that more and
more people and nations will have to compete for resources.

My reflection supports the idea metaphorically, as water flows, so life flows and it further supports that sheltering and supporting people fleeing from bombs, bullets, torture, rape, necessity is not an act of ‘charity’, it is a legal and moral obligation prescribed by International law and by our common humanity.
  • Melt - Mixed Media Acrylic Painting on Belgium canvas - 2m by 1.8m by 5cm - Unframed - 2018 (Inches size: 78,74 by 70,86 by 1.96 In)
  • What lies beneath? - Acrylic painting on Belgium canvas - 1m by 1.4m by 2cm - Unframed - 2018 (Inches size: 39,37 by 55,11 by 0.78 In)
  • Limited - Mixed media on photo digital print - 62.5 by 52cm - 2017 (Inches size:24.60 by 20,47In)
  • Lifeline - 3 Colour Lithograph Edition - 50 by 39cm - Fabriano - 2017 (Inches size: 19.68 by 15.35 In)
  • Waterfall - Monotype on Fabriano - 51 by 84cm - 2016 (Inches size: 20.07 by 33,07 In )

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