The Great Pause 2020 l Earth Day Dialogues

Schedule: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

11 AM EST / 9 AM MDT / 8 AM PST:
ecoartspace founder Patricia Watts will give a Welcome from the Santa Fe River in New Mexico. (10 mins)

11:10 AM EST / 9:10AM MDT / 8:10 AM PST: New York artist/writer and eas member Susan Hoffman Fishman will read from her recent article titled Remembering the First Earth Day Fifty Years Later. (10 mins)

11:20 AM EST / 9:20 AM MDT / 8:20 AM PST: artist and eas member Krisanne Baker will join us from the Medomak River
estuary on the coast of Maine where she will be conducting an Earth Day Clean Up + short video. (10 mins)

11:30 AM EST / 9:30 AM MDT / 8:30 AM PST: New York artist and eas member
Itty Neuhaus presents Icylla, An Iceberg's Story. This is a tale about the last remaining iceberg in a world which has lost its ice. Filmed in Greenland and Iceland. Q&A with Neuhaus. (10 mins)

11:40 AM EST / 9:40 AM MDT / 8:40 AM PST: SPEAKER - RON BROGLIO sustainability scholar from Arizona State University, and eas member, will read from his book Animal Revolution and discuss making art with animals. (20 mins)

NOON EST / 10 AM MDT / 9 AM PST: New Mexico artist and eas member Marietta Patricia Leis will read her poem titled AIR and discuss how it relates to her current tree sculptures. (10 mins)

12:10 PM EST / 10:10 AM MDT / 9:10 AM PST:
Joshua Tree photo-based artist and eas member Sant Khalsa will discuss ecofeminism as it applies to her tree planting project and recent book Prana: Life with Trees. (10 mins)

12:20 PM EST / 10:20 AM MDT / 9:20 AM PST
: Southern California artist and eas member Ruth Wallen will read from her writing titled Walking with Trees. She will then perform a short meditation, time of silence presented with images. (10 mins) 

12:30 PM EST / 10:30 AM MDT / 9:30 AM PST: New Mexico artist and eas member Basia Irland will give a demonstration on how to make a musical instrument from a book. Following we will view a short video performance of her work Riverberations, and watch a short interview with Irland from the eas video archive. (30 mins)

1 PM EST / 11 AM MDT / 10 AM PST: - SPEAKER - LYLA JUNE JOHNSTON Indigenous environmental scientist, community organizer and musician of Diné (Navajo), Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) and European lineages from Taos, New Mexico will speak about Indigenous Land Management, the focus of her PhD at University of Alaska, Fairbanks. (30 mins)

1:30 PM EST / 11:30 AM MDT / 10:30 AM PST: - SPEAKER - Joining us from Northern New Mexico is cultural ecologist and philosopher DAVID ABRAM, author of Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology (Pantheon, 2010), and The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-than-Human World (Vintage, 1997). Abram will offer up a luminous yet fraught story of the relationship between the human animal and the animal earth. (30 mins)

2PM EST / NOON MDT / 11 AM PST: Grab some lunch and join a special screening of Earth Dialogues, a feature-length documentary directed by Hank Levine. This is a moving portrait of earth artist and eas member ULRIKE ARNOLD who has painted with earth pigments and meteorite dust sourced from remote areas around the world for over thirty years. (74 minutes)

3:15 PM EST / 1:15 PM MDT / 12:15 PM PST: Earth Dialogues - Q&A with Ulrike Arnold in Germany (10 mins)

3:25 PM EST / 1:25 PM MDT / 12:25 PM PST: Seattle public artist and eas member Clark Wiegman takes us on a short walk with his dog Lola through Carkeek Park near his home/studio. (5 mins)

3:30 PM EST / 1:30 PM MDT / 12:30 PM PST: New York artist/curator/writer and eas member Linda Weintraub will share current homesteading projects and read two poems from her book in progress titled Who Do You Eat? (20 mins)

3:50 PM EST / 1:50 PM MDT / 12:50 PM PST:
Southern California artist and eas member Virginia Katz presents Antidote #7 March 22, 2020 9:44 AM PST, Corona del Mar State Beach, CA. With Q&A.
#antiCOVID-19 (10 mins) 

4 PM EST / 2 PM MDT / 1 PM PST: PERFORMANCE - DAVID ROTHENBERG and MICHEAL PESTEL perform BIRDZDREAMING. David performs his digital planetary aviary and clarinet. Michael performs his Birdmachines and flutes. Like two remote songsters on either side of a vast natural expanse, they call and respond, ruffle some feathers, calm the storm and set a new season in motion.(30 mins)

4:30 PM EST / 2:30 PM MDT / 1:30 PM PST: Pennsylvania artist and eas member Stacy Levy will connect the dots on rainfall in our built environment and climate change, and provide visuals of her work that illustrates this concept (15 mins)

4:45 PM EST / 2:45 PM MDT / 1:45 PM PST: New York artist and eas member Jill Slaymaker will perform a demonstration on how to paint a background with wet-on-wet watercolor and gouache, before adding layers. (15 mins)

5 PM EST / 3 PM MDT / 2 PM PST: eas curator Amy Lipton will sing along with guest/partner Jim Polk on guitar: Mni Wiconi inspired by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe; and Hello in There a tribute to singer/songwriter John Prine who passed last week due to COVID19. (15 mins)

5:15 PM EST / 3:15 PM MDT / 2:15 PM PST:SPEAKER - JANET MACGILLIVRAY, environmental attorney and social change activist, Executive Director of SEEDING SOVEREIGNTY, will discuss her project to amplify the role of indigenous knowledge for environmental justice and how COVID-19 is impacting Indian reservations. (15 mins)

5:30 PM EST / 3:30 MDT / 2:30 PST:Learn how to make Italian jam crostata with painter and eas member Anita Arliss in Atlanta (10 mins)

5:40 PM EST / 3:40 MDT / 2:40 PM PSTWashington artist and eas member Etsuko Ichikawa shares her glass pyrograph process in a short video titled 2100° | 451° (2011). Q&A following.(10 mins)

5:50 PM EST / 3:45 PM MDT / 2:45 PM PST: New York artist and eas member Aviva Rahmani will read from her upcoming book titled Surviving Chaos. (10 mins)

6 PM / 4 PM MDT / 3 PM PST: Chicago photographer and eas member Doug Fogelson will lead a how-to-play harmonica and musical performance from his home studio. (10 mins) Bring your harmonica

6:10 PM EST/ 4:10 PM MDT / 3:10 PM PST:New York artist and eas member Katrin Spiess will read a statement on the State of Planet Earth and invite response. (10 mins)

6:20 PM EST / 4:20 PM MDT / 3:20 PM PST:New York poet and eas member E.J. McAdams will recite verses from his chapbook Middle Voice. (15 mins)

6:35 PM EST / 4:35 MDT / 3:35 PM PST: Washington artist and eas member Etsuko Ichikawa shares a video work titled Echo at Satsop (2013) filmed at the abandoned nuclear facility in southern Washington and prompted by Fukushima. (5 mins)

6:40 PM EST / 4:40 PM MDT / 3:40 PM PST:Southern California artist and eas member Kim Stringfellowwill do a reading from Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey exploring our human interdependence with the natural world. (10 mins)

6:50 PM EST / 4:50 PM MDT / 3:50 PM PST:
Southern California artist and eas member Virginia Katz presents Antidote #11 April 8, 2020 9:44AM PST, Newport Beach, CA.
With Q&A. #antiCOVID-19 (10 mins)

7:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM MDT / 4:00 PM PST CLOSING SPEAKER - ANDREW REVKIN, environmental journalist and the founding director of the new Initiative on Communication and Sustainability at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, will discuss how both CO2 and COVID-19 illustrate global connectedness. (30 mins)

7:30 PM EST / 5:30 PM MDT / 4:30 PM PST: Staten Island artist and eas member Tattfoo Tan will perform tartaka (candle gazing) and recite Mandukya Upanishad included in his recent book Heal The Man, Heal the Land. (15 mins)

7:45 PM EST / 5:45 PM MDT / 4:45 PM PST: Toronto artist and eas member Chrysanne Stathacos will share her video work Organium and The Wish Machine project before a participatory wish meditation to conclude today's celebration of the earth. Participants will write wishes on a ribbon or paper to hang on the wall or a tree at home. (15 mins)


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 Chrysanne Stathacos, Natural Wishing (2012) Textile Museum, BioDiverCITY, Washington, D.C.

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