A different kind of fire (5)

Created on: Thursday, July 08, 2021
Biologist David George Haskell writes..
'We are all - trees, humans, insects,birds,bacteria - pluralities. Life is embodied network. These living networks are not places of omnibenevolent oneness. Instead they are where ecological and evolutionary tensions between cooperation and conflict are negotiated and resolved.’

My current Artwork, 'Another kind of fire' (2021), is inspired by Biologist Haskells statement and reflects on current scientific secondary research around increased temperatures, and its effect on oceans, coral reefs, forests, extreme floods, droughts and wildfires, mass internal and external migration influenced by these changes, and the use of single use plastic that is choking our environment.

In expressing this series of work, I use mixed media mediums in 3D forms and two dimensional paintings, using 'single use' materials that land up in our oceans, and discarded non – renewable objects, made from plastic and polystyrene, perspex and acrylic paint. The drawings in this portfolio, I use charcoal and oil pastel crayons, representing fossil fuel by-products ,that are key contributors to global warming.

The Aquatint Etching Editions for this series, I produced when I attended The Crown Point Press Studio’s Summer workshop in San Francisco in 2019. I am drawn to the Eching process for this portfolio, intrigued and inspired by the process of using various resists, (grounds) combined with acid and heat. I personally favour the soapground aquatint technique, where the resist of soap remains positive (white) in the final etched image. The Etching process itself reflects the tension between co-operation and conflict.

The colour palette in this portfolio of work lies mostly towards the warmer spectrum, oranges, reds and yellows, as a way of further expressing the idea of increased temperatures.

We are living in the ‘Anthropocene’ age, where human activity dominates and tries to control nature.
  • #2 Degree Celcius - Sugarlift Aquatint Etching Edition - 50 by 35cm - Fabriano - 2020
  • The hand of humans - Acrylic painting on Belgium canvas - 100 by 100 by 5cm - Unframed - 2021 (Inches sizes: 39.3 by 39.3 by 1.96 In)
  • War on nature - Acrylic painting on Belgium canvas - 100 by 100 by 5cm - Unframed - 2021 (Inches sizes: 39.3 by 39.3 by 1.96 In)
  • Islands of Fertility 1&2 - Acrylic paintings on Belgium canvas - 100cm by 100cm by 5cm each - Unframed - 2021(Inches sizes: 39.3 by 39.3 by 1.96 In)
  • Terrafurie - Rage of fire - Acrylic painting on Belgium Canvas - Diptych - 320 by 39 by 5cm - Unframed - 2021 (Inches size: 125.9 by 15.3 by 1.96 In)

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